Wyoming Arts Council

Julianne Couch seeks "energy artists" for book

Wyomingarts received this New Year’s request from Laramie writer Julianne Couch:

I’m looking for visual artists in Wyoming who might be working with wind farms or other forms of energy production in their art. “Other forms” could mean anything from coal mines to nuke plants. Know of anyone? I’d like to talk to some folks for my book project, “Earth, Wind & Sky: A Power Trip.” Contact me at jcouch@uwyo.edu.

Julianne’s 2006 book from Greybull’s Pronghorn Press, “Jukeboxes and Jackalopes: A Wyoming Bar Journey,” explored bars in some of the state’s smallest towns. She’s a great presenter with lots of stories, some of which appear in her book and some of which do not.

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