Wyoming Arts Council

Learn Cajun Two Step at Oyster Ridge

Members of the Louisiana dance band L’Angelus — Paige, Katie, and Steve Rees — will conduct a free Cajun dance class at the Oyster Ridge Music Festival July 27-29 in Kemmerer. The class will be held at the stage from 11:30 a.m.-noon. Here’s a description:

Cajun two step, Jig and Waltz steps are among the many moves that you will need to have down before you can fully take advantage of the music of the authentic cajun dance band, L’Angelus. This workshop is a gift from L’Angelus to you. They will present from the stage on Saturday morning, free to all who wish to attend, all the instruction you need to send you whirling like a “Cocodrie”. Join us at the” Fais do do” for the best of “Bon temps”.

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