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"May you mark your day with a white stone"

Sherrie Sibert, member of Wyoming Writers, Inc., who lives across the border in Idaho, sends this announcement:

I am writing to announce the release of my latest novel, “The Warrior’s Dance,” a gripping account of Rome’s third king, Tullus Hostilius, who is celebrated in history as the bellicose leader who destroyed Rome’s mother city, Alba Longa. In this rich compelling look back at a time when history and myth intermingle, King Tullus is portrayed as a young demigod, impetuous, insolent, unhampered by scruples, and exposed to the temptations of tyranny.

Trouble begins during the waning days of elderly King Numa, when Tullus and his restless young partisans go about decrying a Rome grown weak. In the springtime of their lives, they ridicule the piety and peace forced upon them by a doddering ruler and yearn to pursue the warrior’s way. A new generation longs for action and glory, while fathers quake at the seditious talk of their sons.

“The Warrior’s Dance” is told by those who lived the breathtaking adventure of King Tullus’ ascent to power. Their fates perforce are caught up in their hero’s triumphs and snared by his ruinous descent into superstition and brutality. When the balance tips too far, the gods will demand their due.

This book (ISBN: 978-0-595-48611-3) can be ordered from your favorite local bookseller, or from online bookstores like Amazon. My books are also available in e-book format. For more information, book particulars, reviews, and great links to historical fiction sites, visit my website at http://www.sherriegoff.com/. Thank you for your continuing interest, and …

“May you mark your day with a white stone!” (Read novel to understand this fond wish.)

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