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Michael Haynes conducts BBHC sessions

Buffalo Bill Historical Center Artist-in-Residence Michael Haynes will conduct demonstrations near the current exhibition of his work in the Special Exhibitions Gallery Aug. 11-14, 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

The exhibit is “To the Western Ocean: Paintings Depicting Members of the Lewis and Clark Expedition — The Artwork of Michael Haynes.” It will be on display through Aug. 30. Shown in photo is Haynes’ “Sacagawea — Spring 1805.”

Here’s some background info on Haynes from the BBHC web site:

For two long years (1804-1806) members of the Corps of Discovery, also known as the Lewis and Clark Expedition, travelled from St. Louis to Pacific Ocean – and back – in search of an all water route to the Pacific, and to explore the newly acquired Louisiana Purchase. Now audiences are invited to view the most significant members of the Corps through the eyes of artist Michael Haynes. With fourteen portraits, including those of Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, Sacagawea, York, as well as other less famous but equally integral members who were part of the journey – from boatman, hunter, blacksmith, and cook.

Haynes, an historical interpreter for 15 years, provides an interesting perspective on the subject by depicting the particular dress of each member of the Corps, and how they changed with time along the route; giving a sense of the length and difficulty of trip. Journals document details of the historic journey to the Pacific, but there are few entries describing the explorers. Haynes put “faces” to these people by painting the individuals and capturing each personality. It took extensive research and a good deal of imagination, and the result is a series of fourteen paintings that portray the brave people who ventured to the “Western Ocean.”

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