Wyoming Arts Council


Minerva Teichert’s Roping the Bear

August 15-16, 2008 Cokeville, Wyoming

This art show takes place in Minerva Teichert’s hometown of Cokeville, Wyoming, where she raised her family while producing marvelous murals, western and religious paintings. Last year, nearly 30 original Teichert paintings were displayed along with an invitational show featuring some of the top western sculptors and painters. This show provides the unique opportunity to view her work as well as interact with Minerva Teichert’s contemporaries in the small Wyoming community where she created her artistic legacy.

Invited artists include Dave Wade, Kathy Wipfler, Clark Kelley Price, Grant Redden, Linda Christensen, Ken Packer, David Koch, Steve Johnson, Julie Rogers, Kelly Donovan, Aaron Jones, and Charles Dayton

The Fall, 2007 issue of the Wyoming Arts Council’s newsletter, Artscapes, featured the town of Cokeville and talked about Minerva Teichert (1888-1976), the artist. If you haven’t checked out her artwork on line or at the BYU Art Museum, you’ll be captured by her vision and the images she painted.

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