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Survey to map Arts & Social Change Initiative

This comes from Americans for the Arts:
On December 1, Animating Democracy will launch an online survey as part of the Arts & Social Change Mapping Initiative.

The survey seeks to obtain a current portrait of public- and private-sector funding available from arts, social change, and other funders for arts that foster civic engagement and social change. This survey will increase understanding of funding resources, opportunities, and challenges for this arena of work. The initiative and survey are supported by The Nathan Cummings Foundation, Open Society Institute, CrossCurrents Foundation, and Lambent Foundation.

Animating Democracy invites participation by agencies and individuals who are supporting arts and cultural strategies to make change, whether their emphasis is civic engagement, community building, community development, community organizing, social change, social justice, participatory democracy, or other goals. To gain a full picture, we also urge those thinking about or moving toward supporting this kind of work to complete the survey.

Findings from the survey, funder interviews, and focus groups will be reported in an Arts for Change Funders report. An online database of funders will be available as a resource to inform funders’ grantmaking and to facilitate peer exchange, referrals, and strategic collaboration among funders. The database will also be a resource for artists, community organizers, and cultural organizations.

Deadline for completing the survey is December 18, 2009.

Funders who would like to participate in the survey should request the Funder Survey and send an e-mail with contact information to surveys@artsusa.org

Survey: www.AmericansForTheArts.org/animatingdemocracy/programs/programs_002.asp#mapping

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