Wyoming Arts Council

the artist formerly known as Puccini

This dispatch comes from Wyomingarts’ friend formerly known as Sophia Puccini. Shown in the photo below is Sophia in her new guise with the mural she has been working on for the last few months which graces the side of her dance studio in Saratoga.

I will be traveling throughout Mexico, Central and South America Jan-March 2012. The pink Burka is my exploration of being an invisible woman in exhile. I am writing a book. Wish me luck.

As they say in the Mahabarata, when in exile, go on adventures, listen to stories, meet people…. Love to you all from Venus Martinez formerly known as Sophia.

We here at Wyomingarts think the winter’s as good a time as any to head south. In 1971, the Stones left England, owing more taxes than they could pay, and settled in and around the south of France. For them, what came of that self-enforced eviction was Exile on Main Street, now regarded as their best album. Whatever the reason for exile…see you on the other side. For the young girl still within, Adieu, jeune femme!

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