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"The Choice is Yours" at National Museum of Wildlife Art

This press release comes from Zeenie Scholz, Director of Marketing at the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson. For more info, go to zscholz@wildlifeart.org

The National Museum of Wildlife Art is proud to present “The Choice is Yours: 10 Years of Collectors Circle,” scheduled to open Saturday, October 18, and run through Sunday, May 31, 2009. This broad exhibition features dozens of art works acquired by the museum through the efforts of our Collectors Circle — a group of museum supporters who pool resources to buy artwork for the Museum.

With artwork ranging from St. Jerome Penitent in the Landscape, a 1496 engraving by Albrecht Durer, to Opulent Owl, a 2001 stone carving by Steve Kestrel, the Collectors Circle has purchased over 60 works of art for the NMWA Collection since 1992. Celebrating 10 years of collecting, this exhibit will display the broad range of important material the Circle has helped the Museum purchase. Each year members of Collectors Circle are offered a range of artwork that includes the best in painting, sculpture, prints, and photography from both historic masters and up-and-coming artists. In a lively evening of balloting, Circle members vote for the pieces they would like to see at the Museum. With a limited pool of money to spend, good-natured politicking between rival camps (in favor of one piece over another) abounds.

“The Choice is Yours” will feature the majority of pieces purchased by the Collectors Circle. In addition to a full description of how the Circle works, the exhibit interpretive material will discuss collection priorities and other methods the Museum employs to add significant artwork to the permanent collection.

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