Wyoming Arts Council

Vote locally for national historic property prize

Rose Wagner of the Cheyenne Little Theatre Players sends this plea:

The Hampton Inns provide money and volunteer assistance to the historic property (Hampton Inns refers to these properties as landmarks) that receive the most votes in their annual Hampton Inn Landmark competition. This year, the Historic Atlas Theatre has been nominated to receive this assistance. If the Atlas attracts the most votes in Wyoming, Hampton Innswill provide volunteers to work on the building next October for a half-day and award $20,000 to the Atlas renovation program.

Voting has already started and goes through December 5. So, go to the site below, click on Wyoming and then vote for the Atlas!! Tell your friends and relatives and acquaintances to do the same.


Wyomingarts has listened to Rose’s plea and has voted for the Atlas. In the interest of fair play, wyomingarts must inform you that two other worthy Cheyenne institutions are on the ballot: Cheyenne Botanic Gardens and Historic Arboretum and the Historic Depot Museum. Obviously, this blog has no sway over voters, but it must be noted that the Atlas Theatre needs something like $5 million in renovations. The $20,000 could go a long way toward making it an historic downtown jewel to match the renovated Depot. Vote early. Vote often.

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