Wyoming Arts Council

Young artist from Afton blends the arts of ceramics and gardening

Kira Call is a young artist from Afton and is spending summer break from Utah State University working at Afton’s Hi Mountain Floral. Some of her recent artwork blends her interests in ceramics and growing fruits and veggies. You can see her work on her Facebook page. I would post samples here but Blogger is not letting me post photos today. What gives, Blogger?

Here’s Kira’s artist’s statement from Facebook:

Art is my life. I honestly have no idea where I would be without it. I love drawing, CERAMICS, painting, sculpting, and pretty much anything else that I can get my hands on. I love to play guitar– but more specifically, I can get lost in the world of classical guitar music. I love the intricacy and emotion in it. I have become literally obsessed with ceramics… and making teapots, to be more specific– I don’t think my first teapots look too terrible. The best way to learn is to keep challenging myself to go further 😉 I believe in doing things for my own reasons. I enjoy walking alone in the forest, drinking tea, bike riding, and surprising people. I dare you to try and find someone just like me 😉

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