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Founded in 1967, the Wyoming Arts Council (WAC) supports the arts in Wyoming by fostering and promoting the creation, access, education, diversity and excellence in the arts, and also provides resources for, and encourages partnerships between, the public, artists and arts organizations. Projects funded by WAC allow the general public access to programs they might not otherwise be able to experience. Take a look at the variety of grant programs that we offer to see if your upcoming arts projects might fit into one!


January 15th – Quarterly deadline* – Community Arts Partners

Feb 15th – Draft deadline – Arts Education

March 1st – Final deadline – Arts Education

March 1st – Draft deadline – Grants to Organization

March 15th – Final deadline- Grants to Organization

March 15th – Deadline- Operating Support Grants

April 15th- Quarterly deadline* – Community Arts Partners

July 15th – Quarterly deadline*- Community Arts Partners

October 15th – Quarterly deadline*- Community Arts Partners

July 1st – May 30th* – Anytime Grant Programs (Artists Across Wyoming, Arts Projects, Capacity Building & Individual Artist Professional Development grants)*

* These deadlines are effective until all funds are expended 


-Grants must be submitted by midnight on the date due.

-Organizations may only receive funding for one Operating Support, Arts Education, or Grants to Organizations per fiscal year.

-Organizations may receive a maximum of  two WAC grants per year for different art projects that take place between July 1 – June 30.  Community Arts Partners, Partnerships and Capacity Building grants are in addition to the two grants per fiscal year rule.

The WAC Office is open from Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, except for holidays, so please contact us at (307) 777-7742 during these hours if you have a question on the grant process.

NEW for upcoming Fiscal Year 2016!   (July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016)

Changes will primarily deal with how grantees report data for FY 2016.  Organizations will be reporting the populations they serve differently than in previous years.  In addition, the WAC is now required to collect information about every venue where an arts activity takes place.   We will start collecting the following information for FY 2016 grants:

  • Adults & Youth Engaged in “In-Person” Arts Experiences.  These numbers will reflect two separate groups of people — those under 18 years of age and those who are older than 18 years of age and  who directly participated in the arts.  To the extent possible, do not double-count repeat attendees.  Direct participation excludes individuals reached through TV, radio or cable broadcast, the Internet or other media.
  • There are three new fields which ask you to select as many as is applicable.  Grantees should only select those groups that represent 25% or more of the population who directly benefited from the project or event. These three fields request information about populations that benefited by race/ethnicity, age and distinct groups (such as individuals with disabilities or in institutions, or military, etc).  Note that your responses to these questions will not affect grant approval, or future grant approval, but simply provide information about the populations that are being served with our grant funding.
  • Finally, organizations must now provide project activity locations for every location/venue in which an event is held.  This requirement will pertain to most, but not all grants, depending on the primary activity type selected in the request.  Information for each venue will include street address, city, state, zip, number of days on which activities occurred.  For example, if an organization holds events in a park, an auditorium, four local schools and the senior center, the above listed information would be required for each of those places.


1. Click HERE to read the Grant Guidelines and Requirements.

2. Click on ANYTIME GRANTS, GRANTS WITH DEADLINES or FELLOWSHIPS to see which program best fits your needs.

  • Eligible organizations may receive a maximum of two (2) WAC grants per fiscal year.  Partnerships, Capacity Building and Community Arts Partners grants are exempt from this two (2) grant rule.

3. Review information about the E-Grant System and how to use it.

4. Ready to apply?

The WAC currently uses CyberGrants,  an online grant system, to receive and review grant applications.  All applications, unless stated otherwise, must be submitted via CyberGrants.  Click here for detailed information about How to Apply On Line.

  • Go to the ACCESS THE E-GRANT SYSTEM section that appears on the lower left side of any GRANTS page
  • Click the Choose a Grant scroll down arrow
  • Select the grant program you wish to apply to, and you are on your way!

 NEED ASSISTANCE?  Contact the WAC at (307) 777-7742

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