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There are many opportunities to participate in arts learning in Wyoming!

The Wyoming Arts Council is dedicated to advancing the arts and providing arts learning experiences in both schools and the community. Through high quality arts engagement, arts integration, and arts exploration, arts learning builds cultural understanding, mutual respect, and strong communities. Arts learning empowers students of all ages and backgrounds to build a greater understanding of self.

Arts learning provides the knowledge, skills and understanding to actively engage in the arts throughout a lifetime. Arts literary also fosters connections between the arts, and between the arts and the community.

The Wyoming Arts Council works to advance arts learning and cultivates creativity through grant programs, educational outreach and arts learning partnerships. To learn more about arts education and the Wyoming Arts Council, contact Arts Education Specialist, Mary Billiter, at mary.billiter1@wyo.gov.

Wyoming Arts Council Arts Learning Innovations Award 2020

The Wyoming Arts Council is pleased to announce the “Arts Learning Innovation Award” for a distinguished Wyoming arts educator in all artistic disciplines including, theater, dance, visual, literary and performing arts. The award was established in partnership with the Wyoming Department of Education (WDE). The Wyoming Innovations in Learning Conference to be held virtually in November, honors outstanding educators that are incorporating digital learning into their work.

As a supporter and partner in arts education, the Wyoming Arts Council is dedicated to making the arts fundamental to education, particularly in supporting programs that serve Pre-K – 12 students. The Wyoming Arts Council established an arts learning award to promote awareness and appreciation of arts educators, recognizing their creativity, talent and leadership in education.

The Arts Learning Innovations Award is an award to recognize a Wyoming arts educator, who is utilizing new and innovative ways to incorporate arts in their classroom or in an online environment.

Applications due by Sept. 4, 2020

The recipient of this award will be notified by the Wyoming Arts Council and will be given free registration to attend the 2020 Wyoming Innovations in Learning Virtual Conference, Nov. 5 where they will be recognized during the awards ceremony.

Who May Nominate?

The opportunity to nominate outstanding Wyoming arts educators for this award is open to all. Areas to consider in the nominating process of a Wyoming arts educator include:

  • This leader in arts education has transformed arts education practices.
  • This leader in arts education has shown professional attention on providing quality arts education.
  • This leader in arts education increase public awareness of the importance of quality arts education.
  • This leader in arts education set standards for quality art education and show how they can be achieved.
  • This leader in arts education empowers students.


Wyoming licensed and certified arts educators in any art discipline – theater, dance, visual, literary and performing arts are eligible.

Award Selection

Nominations are submitted through the online nomination form located on the Wyoming Arts Council website. Members of the Wyoming Arts Council and Wyoming Arts Council board will decide the recipient of this award.



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Grant Opportunities

Schools Districts may apply for funding to enrich and extend their arts education programming. Some examples of this include bringing in artists for residencies or performances, purchasing new equipment which will grow a program, or after school programming. WAC expects that school districts will provide basic arts education as is required by law, but does occasionally work with schools to get new programs off the ground or revive old programs. Under our new granting system, school districts may apply for a Community Support Grant, through which they could fund a series of programs a variety of schools, or depending on the population size of the community, may also be eligible to apply for the Rural Arts Access Grant.

Organizations apply for funding to bring artists into schools, senior centers, arts centers, or to do special projects involving education such as summer camps, or to support classes. Organizations who have ongoing programming should apply for the Community Support Grant.


There are several listservs available to arts teachers in the state. To subscribe to them, please determine which is correct for you and follow the instructions . All the listservs are used to let teachers know of opportunities for themselves and their students.

Information about state issues including standards and assessments are also sent over the listservs. All of them are discussion listservs and teachers are encouraged to use them to ask questions about anything relevant. The listserv owners request that you provide your name, school and email address as these are restricted membership listservs.

WY Music Educators Association
This listserv is for Wyoming music educators of all levels. The listserv distributes important information about All State Music and is used to request information and talk about issues of interest. To subscribe click here. This takes you to WMEA’s pages where you can learn more about them and music education in the state.


WY Secondary Art Educators
This listserv is for WY art teachers who teach grades 9-12. (read more…) Wyoming Secondary Art Educators (WSAE) uses it to distribute information about the WY High School Art Symposium, the Fall Conference and other topics of interest. To subscribe click here. Visit the WSAE website here.


WY Elementary Art Educators

This listserv is for WY art teachers who teach grades k-8. This listserv is intended to be a place for elementary art educators in the state of Wyoming to discuss relevant issues and provide support for each other. To subscribe click here.


WY Art Education Association
Although there is no listserv for this group, they are the state affiliate for the National Art Education Association. Visit their website for more information about their mission and values.


WY Educators of Secondary Theater
This listserv is for drama coaches and educators who work with students grades 9-12. The listserv is used by WEST to distribute information about All State Drama, Fall Conference and other topics. To subscribe click here. Visit the WEST website here.

Contact: Mary Billiter